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If you live in the EU and you'd like to donate via bank transfer, please contact me via the contact form on the subpage "CONTACT" for IBAN details. 

We need your help to raise €250,000 to buy our home and build our school

The orphanage has been residing in their rented home for three years. Now, the owner wants to sell and potential buyers have been visiting. 

The questions that arise from the thoughts that 51 children may soon lose their home, any day, any time, are traumatising. 

The orphanage is ladened with three heavy burdens;

shelter, education and transportation.



We believe that the power of connectedness, the grace of network and association with you can raise €250,000 to solve them all! 

Please do tell your friend, your enemy and your boss! We need you all!


Remember, no donation is too little!

Please help us keep our home. 


Rents in Nigeria are paid at once and annually. 

At the orphanage, financial constraints are persistent and have gotten worse since the covid pandemic, whose impact is heightened by an increase in food prices, insecurity, and exponential inflation. The property is selling for €125,000.




The orphanage struggles to pay its €2650 annual rent in bits and pieces throughout the year.

Raising funds to buy the property would make the children lives' easier in many ways. 


Owning the property would enable them to build their own structures and hire teachers to teach in-house in order to cut down on exorbitant school fees. Average annual school fees per child is €320.

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