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Eviction Notice 28.4.22

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Excerpts from WhatsApp messages on the 22nd of May 2022, from Grace Adams Solomon.

to me, Motunrayo: 

"It was more shocking to us because we'd had a meeting with the Bar in charge of the house and they agreed we paid twice, we send them a letter to officially document that but never got a feedback. We were about closing to pick the kids up at school when their secretary brought it to us.


Funny enough it's been a bit difficult to even get a house to rent. Most properties we've seen, the owners want to sell and the money is so high.


The one we've seen so far, the owner is asking for 150m but the caretaker is asking for 130m. We've pleaded to see the owner but the caretaker said we can only see the owner if we have something in ground to offer.

Truly speaking, we don't want to go far from where we are because it's safe and serene.


Right now, I'm just preparing documents to travel to Lagos and Abuja to find people who can help.


I lost my sleep for some nights now but I've surrendered for the God to do only what he can do.I need all the help in the world now"

130m = 130 million naira (Nigerian currency) this is equivalent to €298,000 as of this day, 17th June 2022. 

Bar = barrister-at-law


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