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who is the founder

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The Passion and Purpose of Grace Adams Solomon.

Grace lost her Dad when she was three years old. Her mum raised her alone with no support nor help from anywhere.

She grew up not knowing what a father's love was, she

was abused by two uncles and phasing out of college to

the university was a challenge.

Alongside these difficulties, Grace lost her mom. 

In December 2005, she felt called to take care of children but then she was only 25 years old. She was confused, the future  was uncertain and she did not know how to go about.


Nonetheless she had enough faith and positivity to become the pathfinder for children who have lost their path because of an experience or the other they had to deal with.

While she pressed on, memories of her childhood often resurfaced, and her desire to protect and care for children 


In her words "I began thinking about abused children,  children in crisis communities, street kids and abandoned children who were traumatised and had no one to help them.

"I became more deliberate about helping. I choose to serve the Orphans and Vulnerable Child OVC and then the name kids with a Vision Foundation was born....."


Her commitment to touching and changing the lives of these children came to the limelight in March 2006, she registered  the name with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) in 2011. She also registered the NGO with the

Ministry for Women Affairs and Social Development Plateau State, Child Protection Network and Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria (ASOHON)

In Gracie's words again, "I don't see myself doing anything else than loving and serving these kids.

I remain a Pathfinder for the Orphan Child"

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